Finding The Best Jewelry Insurance

When it comes to insuring your valuable pieces of jewelry there can be a lot of uncertainties and confusion. There are many varieties of jewelry insurance and making sure your valuables are completely insured in case of theft, damage and even loss is very important. After all these can be expensive and sentimental items. In order to make the right decisions about insuring your jewelry it is always best to speak to an experienced jewelry insurer.

Choosing An Insurer

You can either choose a specialty jewelry insurance company or your regular insurance company just make sure your agent has plenty of experience with insuring jewelry. While you may feel that going with a big name insurer will get you the best deal it is often times the small business who is willing to work with you and negotiate a reasonable price for such insurance. Keep in mind that this can vary based on your location and other specifics.

Pure Insurance is a small jewelry insurance company that offers policy flexibility and competitive rates. They will work with you to find what type of policy you need and will even combine policies to get a better rate. But companies that specialize in jewelry insurance often provide better coverage specific to jewelry often offering good coverage for damage or repair as well as claim payment options. Be sure to shop around and compare different companies to make sure you are getting the best deal and plan for your needs. Compare things like coverage details, claim time, claim process, settlement options and price.

Types Of Coverage

When you are shopping for this type of insurance you need to know there are two basic types. Blanket coverage is usually included in your renters or home owners policy and doesn’t require an appraisal of the pieces. It can however be a problem if you don’t have any pictures or other documentation proving you owned the pieces or the specifics of the pieces should a loss occur. The other policy type is scheduled property, which covers items that are accessed individually and appraised. The premium is set based on this information but it is a good idea to get your item appraised regularly since most policies do not have an automatic appreciation adjustment. Your insurer can discuss a